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21 thoughts on “432 Hz – Deep Healing Music for The Body & Soul – DNA Repair, Relaxation Music, Meditation Music

  1. I lost a very dear and precious dog family member a month ago today. I played this music for her a lot in her last weeks before she passed and I could tell it brought her comfort and peace. Dogs are gifted with much better hearing than us and I think the tones put her at ease. Now, her spirit is still nearby and I listen to this every night while I sleep. Thank you.

  2. My baby girl 6 yrs old has at times fights in her sleep, I usually can calm her and it is very difficult to wake her up and to calm down. I played this really low and she started breathing more slowly and deep. 😍 Give her a good rest, sleep well and heal.

  3. Just started listening and I’m so grateful I found it- I had difficulty sleeping and my mind was so busy when I got to bed but now with this healing and cleansing music I can sleep and relax and clean my mind and surrounding

  4. I always had this depression and anxiety. It haunts me every time.
    I had to figure out all the source of my sadness and the cause of unhappiness.
    When I was dreaming, my subconscious (while listening to this in my sleep) opened me to the deepest part of my self discovery. I learned that the main cause of sadness and unhappiness was the lack of remembering our roots. Our childhood dreams and goals. The reason how we got to where we came for.
    In my dreams, I was naked. I had this reality experience as if I was living there for a long time.
    There was a race and competition. And from that competition, I was rushing as always. Then two of my best friends were there too, as part of the competition. They were at a slow pace but surely into grabbing all the best quality goods along the way, while mine always spills.

    Long story short, it's okay to take things slowly so long as you're getting the best quality of anything.

    Then I woke up hearing this sound where I played it while sleeping.
    I cried and I realized a lot of important reasons why we are living. Our purpose as human and the comparison of happiness of us when we were young and as a present adult.

    It felt like I recovered my old fixed self.
    Thank you to this amazing deep healing frequency.
    I testify that this is VERY EFFECTIVE.

    My life will never be as healed after today!

    I hope you get the best healing too!


  5. I thought i recognized some binaural beats…sweet!!! I use binaural beats, raga, mantra, and Native American chants in my sound healing. Thank you for sharing!

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