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30 Minute HIIT Tabata Workout for Fat Loss & Strength: High Intensity Interval Training Home Routine

30 Minute HIIT Tabata Workout for Fat Loss & Strength High Intensity Interval Training Home Routine

100 thoughts on “30 Minute HIIT Tabata Workout for Fat Loss & Strength: High Intensity Interval Training Home Routine

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  2. I'm so proud of myself! Finished October's workout.👏🔩💪 On to November. Thank you Coach and Claudia.

  3. did your workouts and dropped 10 pounds. thank you so very much! 🙂 but now i'm kinda stuck at the same weight for the past 3 months despite working out and watching my diet. is there anything else i should be doing? my goal weight is 115lb based on my BMI and i am currently at 135lb. HELP. this is getting kind of frustrating.

  4. Great workout! It is awesome to see actual people working out. I'm so glad you all don't edit out the 'real" moments.

  5. You just saved me a gym membership for your tabata workouts!! Now I️ can do it anytime and anywhere, even on my lunch break!! I️ Love your motivation! Do you have any workout like this without so many squats? I️ have a bad knee and I️ am afraid of hurting it again:(

  6. Thanks for keeping it real. In a lot of other videos the trainers aren't even cracking a sweat, and I'm about to collapse making me feel like I will never be able to accomplish these routines. Seeing your struggle with some of these reminds me that if you can do it, so can I #HASfittribe

  7. You two are the best! I started weight watchers a little over two weeks ago and I do that combined with your workouts. I've never felt better. Thank you for pushing me to become a well, better me. (:

  8. Coach tell me how many days should I do this workout to get quick results..plz guide i love your workouts but i have a festival coming in 15 days 🙁

  9. Coach/Claudia, Thanks for listening and incorporating pre/post warm – ups! Your work – outs are in a category of their own! Cardio, strength, and endurance! U cover all the bases! Nice variety! Less chatter now too! 🙂

  10. This is my second time doing this video, and it still as good as the first time I played this video, and I'm still not bored! Good job coach and Claudia

  11. Hi there I just recently started using ur workouts and I really like them. I will be using them regularly, please keep them coming. Many blessings to u all 😀

  12. I did say "oh, my goodness" and "ah-yah-yay" quite frequently during this workout.😂But you got me through! Thank you!

  13. This workout is perfect for those days when you are not in a mood for cardio but still want to up your heart beats.. this not only works on your muscles but also your gets your heart beat up

  14. Not only do I enjoy your workouts and your infectious energy but you two are just so adorable together. Love in workout, that's a new one!

  15. I have been doing your workouts for a month now. But this one was the hardest of all. Excellent workout! Thank you so much hasfit

  16. Excellent workout! I'm surprised to see that I could performed all of the intermediate/advanced versions of the moves which I was sure that I couldn't achieve guys! I'm getting stronger and stronger every single day 😄 Thank you so much, see you tomorrow! 😍

  17. Thank you Claudia for always keeping an eye on the clock for us! 👍 Time just flew during this one! There were some tough moves like keeping the hands over my head during the squat. That was tough for me. I can't wait to feel my muscles sing to me tomorrow. 🎵🎶

  18. I love this workout it's a good place to start if you are like me going through a period of low motivation it got everything in one place warm up workout and cool down and I find the 30 min videos very effective to log in your workout of the day without stress, also the variations keeps you guessing and your body doesn't get to adapt so it's just the right balance between challenge and doable to keep you going, thank you so much!!!

  19. When it comes to strength and fitness, there are fewer things that are more inspiring and motivating than to see you struggle and keep going. Makes me feel like I am normal and encourages me to keep going also. I appreciate your transparency and example.

  20. As a 53-year-old with a lifetime of athletics and two really bad knees, I thank you Coach Kozak and Claudia for a very REAL and challenging workout that reminds me how much I love to physically challenge my body. You both rock!

  21. Thank you guys SO much. For everything you do! I've been doing your work out videos for a couple of months now and I have NEVER felt this fit and excited about exercise again. The sense of achievement after finishing your HIIT workouts is awesome. I've been telling everyone about this channel, thanks for just being so real. THANK YOU again!

  22. That was a killer, but man do I feel good. This has set me up for work, I feel like I have more energy than I do normally in the morning

  23. Good morning 😃 from Qatar 🇶🇦 working on my thighs not to stick in 48 degrees 😅😂thank you for your amazing work outs , love it 🥰

  24. I can't get enough of these workouts!! I'm such a fan I even bought a shirt! Thank you guys for all you do!

  25. The only thing I wished this video included was more exercises incorporating ab work. I’m pretty sure my thighs and shoulders are shredded 💪🏼

  26. Can anyone explain me what does the number in the left corner means ? There its written that calories burned, but there are two numbers. Like 5-9🔥 so how much calories are burnt..? 5 or 9 ? What these two numbers indicate?

  27. Every day I try a new workout and every time I think “it’s not gonna be hard”. Well, just wait for it! But can’t wait to see some results! Thank youuu

  28. Did this as part of the warrior program, used 6kg dumbbell more or less throughout ( except for 3 of the hold up squat thingies) a tough but well worth it!

  29. Awesome workout HasFit!!! If you are ever interested in shortening the workout and receiving more results (25+% more calories burned, 10%+ higher avg hear rate and up to 50% more muscle activation of the glutes and legs) all you have ot do is add WearBands…available on GLOW by Popsugar. Keep up the great work!

  30. I love your humility, had to laugh out loud when the coach said over-head squats nearly killed him. Keep up the good work guys

  31. IT's curiously encouraging and endearing to see Coach struggle. I thought he was a robot! Lol! Seriously, you guys are wonderful, and I feel very blessed to exercise with two lovely, fit individuals. Thank you for all your hard work!

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