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2:20pm big baby girl taking my meds  long vlog

[Applause] [Applause] took me to freshen up before at all we get my make use of the other half of the dough five million okay my brother should learn we are talking out health stuff and all like if I have a closed on us really sorry about the pain you guys it does sorry those of us outside of thank you for getting this for the I have really bad allergies because I was watching this video white little too many worms then she got it for she girl that was like with job if you died you got that other you wear to shows that I want before I go to bed I would about this little girl I guess she is born with Ike I guess her she's like love like when I look better we cool that if she got adopted but I didn't have a detailed dream I do remember about I think we're dating in the fur like a a child dream I mean it was detailed enough to know that it was about him really remember good dress go get dressed I can't drop you in the video like that camera I'm gonna go gosh she's not paralyzed get it close get up there it's still got a really bad runny nose get my bags I had there buzzer fabula here subscribe love you guys

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