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2015 Physician of the Year – Steven Schulman, M.D., The Johns Hopkins Hospital

(flowing instrumental music)>>I am honored to call
myself a Hopkins lifer. I started in medical school in 1977, and I’ve been here ever since. I trained in medicine
with Victor McKusick, and then cardiology under Mike Weisfeldt, and joined faculty here in 1988. I began in the CCU as Director in 1992, and have been CCU Director ever since. And then a few years ago, Gordon Tomaselli asked me to be Director of the Fellowship Program which I’m honored to be part of. Bringing patients, who
are so dreadfully ill, through an illness, and
seeing them get well. The many residents and fellows that I’ve worked with over the years, both clinically, educationally
and with research. And seeing them now achieve positions of leadership through,
in this institution, and throughout the country. I have two pieces of advice. Number one, have a great family. So, (laughs) I’ve been blessed with a wonderful wife and children who see my passion for
patient care and education, and have supported me over the
last decade, several decades. Also, there are so many wonderful
mentors here at Hopkins. And my younger colleagues, I advocate for them to find a great mentor who can help shepherd their career through so they become the leaders
that we expect of them.

3 thoughts on “2015 Physician of the Year – Steven Schulman, M.D., The Johns Hopkins Hospital

  1. It is my honor to number Steve among my friends.
    Steve, you are a beautiful, beautiful human being.
    Mazal tov on this well deserved recognition!

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