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15 Minute Full Body Workout With The Best Resistance Bands

Whatup everybody it’s Alex from
What I’ve shown you up until now has been some useful exercises and cool stuff to do
with your workouts, mostly bodybuilding specific, you know what I didn’t realize was that I
should show you more things that can be more specific to other types of goals, like sports
specific, like if you’re a fighter, and you’re trying to train for explosiveness. These bands
can really, really help you do that, or whatever your goals are. Just overall fitness, weight
loss, burning the fat, whatever it is, you don’t really need two to three hours a day
to train like I’m doing, I’m just doing a hardcore bodybuilding routine, I’m trying
to build my muscle, so that’s going to take a little bit more time than fifteen minutes
a day, but I want to show you the starting kit, what you get for thirty dollars. Right
here: is proudly sponsored by Bodylastics. The best fitness bands in
the industry, the best resistance bands. So here’s what you get. You get a bag similar
to this, this one was from the mega super human strength kit, that’s what I got. It’s
$144.95, if your a dedicated bodybuilder, that’s probably what you’re going to want
to drop your money on. But this, this is what, what I got in here, is going to be what the
basic $30 kit is going to come with. Two handles, a door anchor, two ankle straps, you can do
some leg exercises, you know, some kicks, you ladies can work those glutes. And there’s
both of the ankle straps. Two DVDs, maybe these guys are better at giving you a structured
workout, you know, real-time, you follow, you do what they do, kind of like those old
tae bo videos my mom used to love so much. Uh, oh yeah, you get a certificate for,
that’s another live video series, kind of like the DVDs, but they try to keep it new
and interesting and give you something different every time. They give you a little code for
that, good for six months. So.. Oh, right, the bands that come with the basic are only
going to give you a total resistance of fifty eight pounds. So if you’re trying to build
muscle, you’re probably going to need more than that. That’s why I got the mega super
human strength kit with a total of four hundred four pounds. Here’s what your going to get
with the basic set, combo. You’re going to get one red, one red band, one green and one
yellow, and, one sec. One blue, so blue is equal to thirteen, thirteen pounds, then when
you fold it in half and put your loop, you put your loop in the door right here, then
you do it stretching for one arm for each side, that’s going to double it up, so it’s
going to be thirteen pounds for each arm. And you got your yellow, that’s three pounds,
your red is eight pounds, and your green is five, so it goes in order from yellow, green,
red, blue. So that’s a pretty good set for beginners, like you ladies, you probably don’t
need, I mean not that you’re going to get bulky muscles without doing steroids, or doing
something that’s going to mess up your hormones, which I do not recommend, even you guys, don’t
do steroids, I’m not going to do it, I’m staying natural. Uh, you know there’s supplements,
I’m taking supplements, but don’t mess with those prohormones, because those are just
basically precursors to the real thing. And they’re going to mess up your hormones and
they are not good for you in the long run. You just gotta eat, you just gotta get your
protein, one gram per pound of bodyweight daily. Just stick with that, train hard, you’ll
be set. Oh damn, five minutes already, gosh, alright… alright, so what I wanted to do
was show you a workout, a quick workout for you guys that don’t have hours and hours to
train. I’m going to show you a full body workout that you could do a couple times a week to
just get in shape, burn some fat, just get in shape. Now what I’m going to do is, I’m
going to use the basic, what you would get in the basic kit, in the basic kit you don’t
get an orange band, so what I would do, what I’m going to do, is just combine everything
you get in the basic kit, throw in my door anchor in the door, show you a full body workout
you can do in ten to fifteen minutes. It’s going to involve two series of supersets.
One superset for upper body: arms, chest, back. And then another superset for legs:
quads, hamstrings, and glutes. And how would I hit those calves? calves, calves. Calves,
you don’t even need the bands to work calves, you just stand on one foot, and lift yourself
off the ground, that’s how you hit calves. Alright, anyways, let’s get started. I’m taking
my door loop, and I’m going to put it at just under chest level in the door. Make sure it’s
secured. Alright, it’s good. Alright, now, I’m taking my yellow, green, red, and blue
bands. Alright you guys, you see, there’s really two reasons why these are the best
resistance bands on the market. One: You got your clips, and the detachable handles, so
you can mix and match the resistance, and have hundreds of possible combinations, so
you can really apply the progressive resistance principle. Have a journal, track your progress,
and try to step it up each time. Anyways, the second, the second reason these are the
best, they are the best quality malaysian rubber, continuous dipped malaysian rubber
latex that is.. You could pull a truck, you could attach the end of it to a truck, and
pull it, the other end attached to a wall, or two trucks pulling away from each other,
and this is not going to snap. The reason for that is not just the strength of the rubber,
it’s that there’s something called DGS Distance Governor Safety technology. There’s a super
strong inner cord inside here, inside the tubing, that will prevent it from ever reaching
it’s breaking point, and therefore these bands do not snap. Alright, now I’m going to attach
my handles. What am I at? nine forty three, come on. Alright, alright since I’m going
to want to keep this video fifteen minutes maximum, I’ve got five minutes to show you
the workout, what were going to be doing is the two supersets, so what you’re going to
want to do is do the upper body, then the lower body, then do it again. So you’re going
to do those two supersets two times, four supersets all together. Alright, I gotta hurry
up and get this done for you. I know you guys got shit to do, so I gotta hurry this up.
Alright. Click, click, boom, alright. I’m going to start with the upper body, the first
exercise, you know what let me change the camera angle up here a little bit now. Okay,
so the first exercise for the superset is going to be presses for chest, then I’m going
to go down like this for shoulders, then I’m going to come up and do this for biceps, and
then I’m going to turn around, and do this for rear delts and back, then I’m going to
do this, rows for mid back, and uh, I’m just winging this as I go, so here we go, let’s
do this. Superset! I’m going to do fifteen reps for each exercise. Four, five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, straight into the shoulders.
Alright, now biceps, after this, I’m going to do triceps, alright here we go. Alright,
triceps. Now these supersets are brutal, so what you’re going to want to do when you start,
is you might not want to start with all four bands, work your way up to it. You know what?
I like chest flies, let’s do some chest flies. Reverse flies, since I did this, hit those
shoulders, that hit the mid delts and the front delts, the anterior delts, now I gotta
do something to balance it out and hit those posterior delts, the rear delts, and the rhomboids
for the back. Immediately following that up with Rows. Here we go. When you do rows it’s
important to… have that mind-muscle connection, squeeze your back, don’t focus on your arms,
focus on your back. Okay, so that’s one superset, you’re gonna do, that’s one upper body superset,
you’re going to do two to three of those for your workout, now next it’s going to be legs
using the ankle straps. Dangit, I’m at fifteen minutes. Hold on guys, I’m going to get this
video done under the twenty minute mark, let’s do this, come on, alright, come on. I’m just
trying to show you a quick workout, for your whole body, total full body workout. Okay
hold up, hold up. Don’t get stuck on me velcro. And hey guess what, I’m not swearing in this
video, Mom. Okay. Okay, alright, if you have a chair, it’s good to use a chair to isolate
those quadriceps, alright let’s do this. Tech Fest. Alright, yeah, first of all, we’re going
to want to lower the anchor down here, to the bottom. Bring it back to the bottom of the map. Come on, don’t get your bands
tangled, alright? come on, come on, come on. alright. Now you’re going to want to, it’s
good to have something to hold the, like if you’re on a chair with wheels it’s obviously
going to roll back, so you want something to hold that in place, I’m just going to hold
on to this hole in the wall here. And do my quadricep extension. Alright! Ehh, that’s
looking like it’s not going to work, let’s try something different here. I’ll get rid
of the wheelie chair, office chair. Alright let’s try something different, let’s try something
more cardio oriented for you to melt off that fat. Alright let’s do this up, let’s do it
up. You know what? Let’s do some kicks. That’ll extend those quadriceps. This is good for
like sprinters, who want explosive legs. hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up. You know what,
this could be your whole leg set right here, just do this, then turn around and do it backwards
for the hamstrings, that’s it. Alright, other leg. Oh, we’re at about twenty minutes, alright
let’s do these hamstring, hamstring kicks, in forty five seconds, alright here we go.
Turning around, here we go. Hamstrings slash glutes. Okay, other leg. Alright, that’s it.
Now that’s a full body workout, ten to fifteen minutes, BOOM! Do that three times a week,
four times a week, and you’ll be shredded in no time. Now if you like my video, please
hit the like button, and subscribe to my channel, peace out.

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  2. some very eloquent motherfuckers here, did they all just step off the banana boat or what? Good luck getting people to stop being fat lazy slobs bro.

  3. If not one of you on this planet can be motivated to buy a $30 set of resistance bands and get in shape, then there truly is no hope for the human race…

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  6. Was this supposed to be a joke? I almost died laughing watching him demonstrate the different exercises; especially the hamstrings.

  7. WTF?! Im sorry but this video is kinda shitty, there is many exercises that will improve muscle endurance and strength with resistance bands. I would never do the rear delt fly's they look terrible and your rows should be slower then squeeze and hold. You're kinda awk as well and unprepared. I just hope nobody takes too much info from this vid because you will be doing exercises with poor form.
    Again I do apologize cuz I'm not trying to hate, I'm sure you have many great vids but come prepared next time please!

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