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12-Minute Workout with a Dancer from The Beatles LOVE & Olympian Laurie Hernandez! Cirque It Out #3

Hi, I’m Laurie Hernandez and
welcome back to Cirque It Out. I’m here in Las Vegas, home to some
of Cirque du Soleil’s greatest shows. Stick with me as we
go through the paces with one of Cirque du Soleil’s
elite performers and their coach. Ready to work out the CirqueWay?
Let’s Cirque It Out. You should consult your
physician before starting this or any other fitness program to determine
if it is right for your needs. Do not start this fitness
program if your physician or health care provider
advises against it. If you experience faintness,
dizziness, pain or shortness of breath at any time while exercising,
you should stop immediately. Today we’ll be working out with Jordan and Performance Conditioning
Specialist Rich Kylie. Jordan plays the Eleanor Rigby character in
Cirque’s production of The Beatles LOVE. LOVE is a show filled with dancing,
acrobatics and the music from The Beatles. In this episode, we’re going to concentrate
on something a little different: dance. Often when people think about
Cirque, they think acrobatics. But dance is a huge part of every
beautifully choreographed show. – Hi Jordan, hi Rich.
– Hi. – Are we ready to Cirque It Out today?
– Let’s do it. Today’s workout is a full-body
workout with a focus on stability and muscular endurance. We’ll use a series of mini circuits
that contain an upper body, lower body and core
exercise with high reps, low weight and short rest times. – Are you ready to get started?
– Yeah. Well first, we need to do
some dynamic movement prep. We’re gonna start with a PVC pipe or a
wooden stick, [PVC Pipe or Wooden Stick] doing some shoulder mobility. She’s gonna go back
and forth five times and then she’s gonna go
around the world with it a few times each side. What I love about this, we’re just naturally getting
the shoulders nice and warm, getting them ready to
just do some extra work. And throughout this movement prep,
we like to progress slowly. So it starts off easy,
gets a little bit harder and then we try to get the heart rate
up a little bit before we get started. Getting it ready for just some higher
intensity work that we’re about to do. Perfect. Next up, we’re gonna do a dynamic
inchworm with a push up; she’s gonna do five of these. Alright, first thing is she’s
gonna bend at the waist, walk it out, do a push up and then tiptoe her feet
back up to the top. Then she’s gonna turn around and do it
again. We’re gonna repeat this five times. What I love about this one is we’re
stretching out the hamstrings, getting the shoulders ready,
the chest ready for some extra work. Perfect. As she walks out and then
she does her push up, I like to keep her on
the balls of her feet so we can get a nice
calf stretch in addition to a hamstring stretch
as well on this one. So if she just goes
on her tiptoes, she’ll get primarily the hamstring. But if she walks a little bit
more on the balls of her feet, that helps get the
calves ready as well. Perfect. Now we’re gonna get our heart
rate up just a little bit more. So now we’re gonna do ten squats; we’re gonna get your heart
rate up a little bit more and get you ready for the workout. [10 Squats] So ten squats—feet
just about hip width, shoulder width, depending
on what you prefer; toes pointed slightly out, and her butt is gonna help lead
the movement as she goes down. Go ahead, Jordan. Perfect. You notice the weight
is on her heels here, nice flat back. Awesome. And that’s a good pace. And then her breathing pattern on this is
gonna be breathing in on the way down, out on the way up. Good. And we’re gonna
be watching our knees, hoping that they’re not
gonna go over our toes; that’s why leading the
movement with our butt helps keep the weight
on those heels. Alright, now we’re
ready for a workout. [Workout] So our first mini circuit is gonna
include a set of lunges, dumbbell presses on a stability
ball and dead bugs. So what’s great about circuit
training is, if you have a friend, we can do it together. So first, Jordan is
gonna be doing lunges; she’s gonna be doing 12 each leg,
so 24 in total. And Laurie is gonna be doing her dumbbell
presses on the ball, 12 in total right there. Alright, so let’s get started. So you notice first with Jordan, she’s taking a step out,
weight is on her heel, knee is behind the toes,
perfect straight back, looking great. Laurie, doing her
dumbbell presses, hips are up in a hip bridge and she’s just pressing
in a straight line, acting like she’s trying to bend a bar,
as if she had a straight bar there. Perfect. And the breathing patterns
on these—in on the way down, out on the way up
for both exercises. Perfect. Alright, let’s switch and then we’ll do
dead bugs together. Good. Perfect, Laurie. As she’s taking a step
out, weight is on her heel and she’s driving through the floor as
she pushes back up in that position. So if you’re having
trouble with the lunge, a great option would be just to
go into a split squat position or take off weights and
just do body weight. If you feel like it’s
a little too easy, go ahead and add more weight
or do walking lunges. Alright, next let’s
do our dead bugs. On our back, hands
and feet in the air. Good, just like that. When they lay down, there’s gonna
be a natural arch in their back, they’re gonna pull that arch out of their back by pulling
their belly button to the floor. And then they’re gonna go opposite arm,
opposite leg, reaching nice and slow. Just like that. We’re gonna do 12 reps, taking a deep breath
in as we’re going down and exhaling as we go back up. I love this exercise because it
works on both muscular endurance and core stability, which is much needed for
our artists with Cirque. And if you’re having trouble
with this exercise, go ahead and just do one
single leg reach to the floor, you don’t have to
add the arm motion; just reach with your heel
with a nice bent leg and touch the floor. Or if that’s a little easy, add more reps or go ahead and hold a
weight over your head just as you go down. We’re looking pretty strong
and stable right now. – Twelve?
– Yep. Perfect. Our second circuit is gonna contain a
series of hip bridges, [12 Hip Bridges] plank elbow taps
[12 Plank Elbow Taps] and half kneeling presses.
[12 Half Kneeling Presses] So first, let’s get started on our
hip bridges. [12 Hip Bridges] We’re gonna be doing 12 of each. First thing we’re gonna be doing
is single-leg hip bridges. You notice that they’re
driving through the heel, hips are going high
into the ceiling. Perfect. We’re gonna be
doing 12 reps on each side. Perfect. Once they get 12
they’re gonna switch. Awesome. Make sure we’re
breathing in and out, getting that oxygen flowing. Perfect. We’re gonna go into our half kneeling
presses. [12 Half Kneeling Presses] Up, good. Just like that,
pressing in a straight line. Good. Hand either to your side
or it can be straight out. Perfect. If you’re having trouble
controlling your core on this one, go ahead and put your hand
on your leg or your hip; it helps stabilize the core. What I love about this one is
we can work on both shoulder and core at the same time.
If we take our hand off, we’ll switch sides, 12 again. And then hands to the side, make
it a little more difficult. Good. We’re looking for an upright torso
as they’re pressing up and down. Again, breathing pattern on this—in
on the way down, out on the way up. Last one—plank elbow taps.
[12 Plank Elbow Taps] We’re gonna do 12 in total. For you, let’s just hold
until she finishes her reps. So we’re going on her, okay? Jordan is gonna do a harder version
where she’s gonna do shoulder taps; she’s going a little bit
higher than the elbows. Alright, go ahead. Good. And you’ll notice as you
get better at this, your torso will move less, you’ll be able to just
keep it nice and stable, you’ll be able to move
a little bit slower. But in this case, I think Laurie is telling
her to hurry up so that the push up ends. Alright, our third and last circuit,
we’re gonna do two exercises. We’re gonna do a bodyweight squat
[Bodyweight Squat] and bent over dumbbell rows.
[Bent Over Dumbbell Rows] We’re gonna do 30 seconds each and we’re just gonna cycle through
two times—get her good and tired before she’s done. Alright, so let’s get
started—I’ll time you. Go ahead. Now here she’s just gonna do as many
squats as she can in 30 seconds, alright. She’s just gonna rep them out because right now we’re
just trying to burn it out, get our heart rate up,
make us work harder. Good. Really reach down,
let’s get our depth. Yeah, perfect. Force yourself to get just a little bit
uncomfortable in these situations— with good form, obviously. Weight on the heels. Perfect. And time.
Right into our dumbbell rows. She’s gonna bend at
the waist first; bend a little bit
more at the waist, there you go right there.
Go ahead. Timers go. Control that breathing. We’ve got ten seconds. Looking great. Hopefully, she’s gonna
try to beat her reps from her first set and her second
set; we’ll see how she’s doing. Perfect. Control that breathing.
She’s got ten seconds. Looking great. And time. Back to our body weight squats. Ready, and go. Good. She’s gonna rep these out. Lead the movement with your
butt, drive in back, good. What we’re gonna be watching for
is making sure that the knees don’t track over the toes. If you feel like they start to, maybe try decreasing the depth
that you’re going first. You feel like you’re getting squat down,
go ahead and really get that depth. Reach down and back, good. Just a few more seconds. And time. One last dumbbell row. Let’s see if we can beat
our numbers from before. Ready? And go. Looking great. I think she’s gonna beat it. Good. We’re gonna
breathe in as we pull. Our breathing is a little
bit opposite on this one, when we push sometimes
when we pull as well, and the breathing is gonna switch. In this case, she’s gonna
breathe in as she pulls up and breathe out as
she goes back down. Five seconds. Let’s see if we can
get a few more. And time. Crushed it. Alright, it’s time to cool down. Just like we spent time doing
a dynamic movement prep, we also need to spend time getting
in some cool down methods. So in this case, I always
love to have my artist hop on a foam roller and start to roll out
some of those areas that we just worked. In this case, we hit pretty much
everything, so I think it’s fair to say that she can probably spend some
time foam rolling everything. A good rule of thumb is,
I like to spend about 30 seconds on each
area that I’m rolling. If it’s really sore, spend
a little bit more time and then once we get done foam rolling,
always have a stretch after that. Because my artists are
pretty much all flexible and they want to keep
that flexibility, so it’s always a good practice
once we’re done foam rolling to stretch some of those
muscles that we just worked. I don’t know if I can do
that one like her, but… And each artist will have a
different stretching method; you know, sometimes they’ll spend more
time or less time doing something, I typically like to hold
stretches for about 30 seconds. Stretching and holding
for that 30 seconds is just gonna be really important
in letting those muscle fibres get back to where they were. Looking great. Jordan, great work today, now
that we’re done with the workout. Thanks Rich, but I gotta go—
I have two shows to do. See ya! Cirque It Out
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  2. Excellent video, especially the comments of the coach specifying how each exercise is done that serves for all people. Even for me I have never been to a gym and I wanted to do it at home. I would like to continue watching videos about stretching and strengthening.

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