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11 People With The Most Bizarre Medical Conditions

In this video, we take a look at 11 people
with some of the weirdest medical conditions on the planet, including tree-like hands,
an allergy to water and plenty of bemused and frustrated sufferers. Katelyn Thornley 12-year-old Texan girl Katelyn Thornley is
particularly blessed. Not because she’s especially fortunate, but
because she literally can’t stop sneezing. She sneezes up to 12,000 times every single
day, which adds up to one involuntary nose trumpet every 3 to 6 seconds – or ten to twenty
every minute. The mucus mystery began just after she left
one of her clarinet lessons, so she initially assumed it was some sort of allergy or reaction
to the instrument. But it soon got a lot worse, and there have
been no reports of it stopping since. Speaking to reporters about the condition,
she said ”I’m constantly in pain with my abdomen, my legs are weak, I can barely eat.” Her only respite is in sleep, when she drifts
off after taking some Benadryl, but no-one is able to diagnose the root of the problem. Her parents have taken Katelyn to six physicians,
but no-one can work out the solution – though all have confirmed that it’s not an illness
or an allergy. Some have speculated that the violent and
snot-snuffed problem might be a tic or a short-circuit in her brain, which incorrectly sends a misleading
signal to her nostrils. Katelyn is unable to attend school and can
no longer play the clarinet. And she even claims that she sneezes in her
dreams. But it’s not all bad news – she does have
very clean nasal passages. Haley Smith Haley Smith, from Alabama USA, had a pretty
strong reaction to her parents divorce. Sadness? Check. Depression? Check. Thinking she’s a corpse? Wait, what? Yep, for three years after the torrid divorce
of her parents, Haley began obsessively watching horror movies and visiting graveyards and
sincerely believed that she was dead. She told journalists “I’d fantasise about
having picnics in graveyards and I’d spend a lot of time watching horror films because
seeing the zombies made me feel relaxed, like I was with family.” But there were some bright sides – she also
confessed that she ”decided to eat whatever she wanted because she couldn’t put on weight
if she was dead.” She was eventually diagnosed with Cotard’s
Syndrome, which is linked to other mental illnesses such as bipolar and depression,
and causes sufferers to think that either they – or parts of their body – are dead. Past victims have starved themselves to de
ath in the mistaken belief that they no longer need to eat. She eventually healed herself by finding a
boyfriend and watching Disney movies. Seriously. She later told reporters: “Being a corpse was the most bizarre experience,”
which sounds like understatement at its best. Abul Bandajar Bangladeshi Abul Bandajar was dubbed the ‘Tree
Man’ after, at the age of 15, he started to develop bark-like warts and growths on his
hands. His super rare condition, known as Epidermodysplasia
Verruciformis, causes huge warts, tumours and growths to develop on the body, partially
due to a massive increase in keratin, the substance responsible for the growth of fingernails
and toenails. Speaking to journalists while suffering from
the disease, he said ”it makes me so uncomfortable, restless, that I cannot stand or sit in one
place. It just drives me crazy.” He is one of only four people in the entire
world who has ever been diagnosed with the disease, and also has the lumpy lesions on
his feet. Abul recently travelled to the Bangladeshi
capital of Dakar to receive surgery on his hands and feet. After more than 16 operations, he is now able
to feed himself and hold his daughter. He still has many lumps and bumps, but his
condition is much better than before. He and his family lived in the hospital for
over a year while he underwent extensive and lengthy treatment. Speaking from his hospital bed after the surgery
was completed, he told reporters ”I never thought I would ever be able to hold my kid
with my hands. Now I feel so much better. I can hold my daughter in my lap and play
with her. I can’t wait to go back home.” Brad Williams Brad Williams is known as ‘Memory Man’, thanks
to his uncanny ability to recall and remember the exact details of any given day of his
60-year long life. Give him any event, personal or public, and
he can recall the exact date, year and day of when it happened. And perhaps even more crazy – if you give
him a random date, he can accurately give you a load of details on what happened on
that day, including world events, political happenings, sporting results and more. He is one of less than thirty people in the
world who has been diagnosed with Hyperthymesia, the name given to those in possession of a
profoundly detailed memory. He has appeared on TV numerous times and published
a book about his abilities. And he never forgets where he left his keys. Reuben Nsemoh 16 year-old Reuben Nsemoh, From Georgia USA,
was playing soccer when he suffered a near-fatal concussion. He was kicked in the head, and stopped breathing
many times before being placed into a coma for several days. And this is where the weird bit starts. He allegedly awoke from the coma speaking
– and only speaking – perfect Spanish, a language which, before, he could not speak fluently. For the first few days after waking up, he
claimed that every time he tried to speak English, he felt as if he was going to have
a seizure. Over the course of the following few days,
he slowly regained his ability to speak English – and his Spanish gradually dwindled. Although scientists don’t know the cause of
this bizarre lingo phenomenon, they believe it might actually be the brain readjusting
to the use of language. This makes the sufferer produce sounds and
speech patterns which they typically wouldn’t. In turn, bemused listeners mistake this for
full fluency when the sufferer is in fact just speaking in a different accent with some
foreign words thrown in. That said, no-one is sure of the truth. No bueno. Mohammad Kaleem In 2015, 8-year old Mohammad Kaleem underwent
surgery to deal with a crazy condition which left him with the biggest hands in the world. His massive fingers, arms and hands caused
some nosey neighbours in his local Indian village to cruelly consider him to be a demon
or evil spirit. His uncle told reporters ‘There is no treatment
for this boy. He is a devil’s child. This is just because his parents must have
committed a wrong deed at some point in their life.’ Doctors, who aren’t so superstitious, diagnosed
him with localised gigantism, a condition which causes certain parts of the body to
swell and grow to colossal proportions. Before he was taken for surgery, his hands
weighed almost fifteen pounds each and his palms measured thirteen inches in length. He was unsurprisingly unable to perform a
number of everyday tasks such as dressing, bathing and eating. Throughout his young life, he was bullied
by his peers, and was denied admission to school in fear that he would scare other children
with his gigantic hands and fingers. The surgery has been a partial success, and
has largely reduced the size of his hands, though they are still vastly bigger than they
should be. Alexandra Allen Utah girl Alexandra Allen first knew something
was up when she developed itchiness, hives and severe dryness after splashing around
in a swimming pool on a family vacation. Upon having the same reaction after swimming
in a lake, she was convinced there might be a problem. After a few years of suffering from these
symptoms every time she touched water, she decided it was time to see a doctor. The diagnosis session involved sitting in
a tub of the stuff, which Alexandra claims felt ”like being tortured”. Doctors eventually realised that she suffers
from Aquagenic Urticaria, which is – in plain terms – an allergy to water, and has been
diagnosed only around fifty times in the history of the planet. The condition usually starts around puberty,
and affects females more often than males, though doctors can’t work out the reason it
occurs. Some speculate that the sweat glands see the
water as an intruder. Alexandra now has to keep her contact with
water to an absolute minimum, a laborious lifestyle which includes quick and infrequent
showers and no humid weather. So unfortuantly, no more family vaccations. Abigail and Brittany Hensel Minnesota twins Abigail and Britanny Hensel
are a little different to most siblings. That’s because they’re literally attached
to each other. They completely share a body, but they each
have their own head. Although they have to divide their one body
between two people, they each have their own heart, stomach, spine and lungs. Each twin controls their own half of their
body, so any activity involving coordination, such as walking, swimming, running, driving
or eating, requires the cooperation of both twins. When learning to drive, each girl had to take
a separate test from the other, which means that they both, in effect, had to take the
test twice. They also have distinct personalities, with
different likes and dislikes in the worlds of food, fashion, friends and men – which
must make sex a little awkward. These differences also mean that one twin
can catch an illness without the other suffering from it. When they were born, their parents were offered
the chance to separate them, but they decided against it, as it would most likely have resulted
in the de ath of one, or both, girls. The girls did, however, have one rudimentary
central third arm removed in an operation. They graduated from university in 2012. They once had their own show on American TV
channel TLC and have also appeared on Oprah Winfrey. They are now teachers. And it’s not all bad – their lucky students
get the help of two tutors. Deepak Paswaan Young Indian boy Deepak Paswaan underwent
surgery in 2010 to remove, from his body, the limbs of his parasitic conjoined twin. Though less ominous than it sounds, he was
born with the semi-developed arms and legs of a conjoined twin growing out of the very
centre of his chest, leaving him with the grand total of eight limbs. This condition occurs when, in the womb of
the mother, one unhealthy twin attaches itself to the healthier sibling in an unsuccessful
attempt to survive. Before the successful surgery, many superstitious
neighbours saw him as something inhuman, with some claiming he was a god, and others swearing
he was borne of the devil. Some would stone or hit him upon seeing him,
while others would make pilgrimages to his village, believing he was an incarnation of
the eight-limbed Hindu god Vishnu. His impoverished family appealed publicly
for money to help with the surgery, which they were lucky enough to receive. Before the surgery, his father said, ”When
he was born, the doctors said he wouldn’t live long but here he is and apart from how
he looks he is very healthy.” Deepak himself told reporters, ”I am tired
of being different. I just want to live normally.” Since the operation, it seems that he now
he does. Shadot Hossain 47-year old Bangladeshi father Shadot Hossain
is covered from head to toe with hundreds of bulbous growths and tumours. Doctors believe he is suffering from neurofibromatosis,
which causes tumours to grow along the nerves on a person’s body. He noticed his first tumour at the age of
thirteen, and things have gotten progressively worse since then. The tumours cause him massive pain – which
means that he is unable to wear clothes on his top half, needs help to use the toilet,
and he often cannot feed himself. Even excess chewing causes his neck to hurt. His condition may soon cause him to become
blind. Speaking to reporters about his condition,
he said ”The moment anyone sees me they try to move away from me. The kids when they see me they just freak
out and start running. I cannot go outside because children are afraid
of me.” He also added ”They call me ‘Monster.’ I wasn’t always in this condition. I was handsome in my young age.” His 12-year old son Abdullah is also afraid
of him. Shadot said ”Nowadays Abdullah doesn’t talk
to me. I understand why he feels like that.” Because of his condition, he is unable to
work, and therefore unable to raise money for surgery. He is trying to do so via a charity drive. Doctors say that they have never before seen
someone in such an extreme condition. Thanks for watching!

84 thoughts on “11 People With The Most Bizarre Medical Conditions

  1. The corpse girl was just embarrassing and retarded. Those kind of fake diseases do not exist in other countries.

  2. I have neurofibromatosis, it's a difficult condition to live with. I do not have many tumours on the outside of my body, but do on the nerves of my spine that can't be removed, and have had some removed from elsewhere. It also caused me to loose my leg at a young age. If this man had lived in a more wealthy country they could have prevented much of what he is now facing by removing the tumours early. Some would grow back, but he wouldn't be in such serious pain.

  3. It's called Foreign Accent Syndrome! The kid in the coma was fortunate, some of us have it for life. I have worked at speaking proper English, ever time I do I have a grand mal seizure. I'll take my accent thank you very much.

  4. I feel incredibly bad for number one… So sad to be shunned by not only the community but, your own son as well. I'm not quite so sure I'd be as understanding as he was…

  5. Thanks for watching! Please remember to click the bell icon to never miss an upload from us.. Also if you have any suggestions for future videos, please leave them below

  6. NF1 is actually a very common illness. Occurring in about 1 of 2000 births. My father and brother have it and it has not affected them in the way I see this man. Most tumours are VERY small and can be removed easily.

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  8. My own personal opinion.If a person has a sever case such as that tree guy or the guy at the end, they should have medical services such as surgery offered for free.

  9. The language coma thing is a true phenomenon and I would love for it to be research deeper it's so interesting !!
    Like how can people wake up and do this when they probably have never spoken 25% of that language before, crazy

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  12. The last one I have but type 1 it’s under the skin not on top let me tell you it’s really pain I like at least 8 surgeries I just have surgery in March it’s so horrible but sadly there not really a cure for it at least not yet 😔 but I’m praying they find one 😩🙂

  13. I have a friend with NF, the condition the last man has; she can't go out of her house any more. I asked her why the doctors can't just cut the lumps off and she said that when they do that many times they will return. She also has to be careful not to get an injury because it will trigger lumps to form. She didn't start developing the condition until she got pregnant with her first child.

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