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10 Min Thigh Slimming Workout

– Hey, guys, in today’s workout video we are doing a workout to
target the inner thigh area. Every single exercise that
we are gonna be performing are gonna help to tone and
tighten the inner thigh area. If you guys wanna know the best nutrition and training program for
you, then don’t forget to check out the quiz below. Okay, guys so to begin this workout, we are going to be on
our knees facing forward. One leg in front in a lunge position. All I want you to do is
bring the opposite ankle to touch the other ankle,
so you wanna tap it and bring it back. That’s it, tap, bring
back, well done, guys. So just keep doing that. Make sure to keep your navel sucked in, hands in front. Make sure to really squeeze that thigh that’s lunging forward
when you bring your leg up to touch each other. You really wanna squeeze the thigh. (upbeat electronic music) Well done, guys keep breathing. Let’s switch sides straight away, other leg lunging forward. Bring the other ankle to
touch the other ankle. So lift it up, tap, back down. That’s it, guys, nice and slowly,
lift it up, tap, and down. That’s it, keep going, remember to breathe each time you bring that leg up. Amazing work, same position facing me. And what I want you to do
is one hand on the floor, the opposite leg is gonna pulse up twice and kick out to the side, straight leg. So that’s gonna be two
pulses, the knee in, straight leg kick out,
that’s it, keep going, guys. I want you to breathe
through these exercises, keep that core engaged. Really need to focus on your balance here and we really wanna make sure that we’re kicking that
leg as high as possible. So that’s pulse, pulse, kick. Amazing work, guys,
switch straight on over to the other side, so pulse,
pulse, kick, that’s one. Pulse, pulse, kick. Keep that core engaged and make sure to exhale on every kick out. And exhale. Pulse, pulse, kick. Great work, guys, keep going. I know it’s burning but you just need to keep pushing through. Think about burning out
those inner thighs here. That’s it, come on. – [Timer] Exercise. – [Holly] Excellent job,
guys, now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna come down onto the floor, facing me on the side. I want you to come down all the way. And for this move, what
you’re gonna be doing is balancing on your arm. You’re gonna bring the leg into
your chest and kick it out. Now as you kick your leg out, you wanna push on your arm. This is gonna engage
every single muscle here in your arms, your legs, and your core. This is gonna be working
on the entire thigh area. Make sure to keep that
toe nice and pointed. So you wanna bring it in, kick it out. In, kick it out, great work. Well done, guys, let’s come
all the way down the floor on our arms, and all we’re gonna do is some simple leg pulses. So you just wanna kick that
leg up and down, toes pointed. Keep that core contracted in. Keep pulsing. Burn that leg out, let’s go. Lift it up and down. – [Timer] Exercise. – [Holly] Beautiful work, guys,
let’s go straight into clam. So what you wanna do is
bring your toes together and you wanna open and close those legs. So open, close, open, close. – [Timer] Exercise. – [Holly] Great job, guys,
let’s just quickly stretch out those legs, bring your
knee into your chest, switch over to the other side. And now let’s repeat that
section on the other leg. So you’re gonna come down once again, balancing on that elbow. Lay yourself down flat. And remember the first
move that you’re going into is bringing the knee to the chest and kicking it out. So, bring it in, kick it out. Remember as you kick out you
wanna push back on that arm. And you wanna make sure
that that leg does not rest the entire time, guys. So bring it in, kick it out. In, and out, great work. Keep breathing through every single move. – [Timer] Exercise. – Amazing job, let’s come all the way down and we’re just gonna do
those simple leg raises. Keep that toe pointed,
lift it up and down. Excellent, let’s go
straight into those clams. Toes together, open and close those legs. Keep those hips facing
forward, really concentrate on every single movement
here, so open and close. And yes, guys, you have
one final exercise left, this is not over, so I need
you to grab some towels. And all you’re gonna do is
open and close those thighs. So you want your feet on the floor and you wanna open and close those legs. This is gonna help to really
target those inner thighs. Make sure that core’s contracted, suck the navel in and
concentrate on these moves. That’s it, guys, keep
going, you’re doing so well and we’re nearly finished. And that’s it, guys,
well done for completing this 10 minute thigh workout with me, I hope you really did enjoy this. So if you liked this inner thigh workout, then don’t forget to hit
the subscribe button. Just click on the button below. And if you wanna know the best training and nutrition program for you, then don’t forget to check
out the quiz at right now, it’s free. Now, I wanna turn it over to you. Which one of these exercises
do you think was the hardest? Was it with the towel in and out? OR did you think it was
the second exercise, bringing the knee in and kicking it out? Let me know in the comments below. (upbeat electronic music)

53 thoughts on “10 Min Thigh Slimming Workout

  1. Awesome, I definitely need to try this!! Your body is literally my goals I am going for that look and need to slim down my legs just a tad bit more D:

  2. I've just done it and definitely knee pulse and side kick was the hardest one for me 😣 but it felt good afterwards so I'll definitely keep doing it 👊💖
    Day 2: Completed! I did it at night but whatever 😀 I'm also doing full body workouts alongside with this.

  3. You are just amazing! Such unique exercises. I feel like these will help my hip area too. And I miss your intro video.

  4. Good Holly keep working for me. You'd be better off making rice and chicken for people, but if you want to sell your self you kind of remind me of a spring chicken. lol more toe taps girl. love raja

  5. Hi Holly, I’ve just bought your ultra burn program pack for $57, but I can’t find where to access it. I’ve dmed you insta, because I couldn’t find an email address.

  6. ooh this workout was SO good! i definitely felt the burn! I upload new workouts every week so i would deeply appreciate it if you checked out my channel, I'm just a small youtuber trying to grow. xx💞

  7. Hey Holly, why am I losing inches on my hips rather than on my waist? Also what can I do to get rid of a flat portion on top of my bum? Thanks

  8. LOVE how effective and not very time consuming your workouts are, Holly! Thank you for inspiring us to keep going!

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