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الطريقة الصحيحة لاعطاء الدواء للقطة methods of cat medication

Hello. I am Hala Ahmed, a veterinarian Welcome to pets secrets If you are interested or raising a cat or dog You can benefit with us Here we are talking about everything about animals How will we feed him? How we will train him as well as his behavior And his psyche and diseases And environmental problems that could occur Today we will talk about how we will give medicine to the cat Sure we won’t go every day to the veterinary clinic To give medicine But we have medicine at home Give it to the cat with us at home The doctor gives me tablets or injections Or syrup. First we will start with the pill First with my hands north hold Upper jaw of the cat The right hand pill medicine Open the jaw Lift the head back Apply the pill at the end of the tongue. We have to put it at the end of the tongue and do it quickly If your cat tastes a pill, she will throw it again and not take it again So it must be speed so that the cat does not notice Once the pill is placed Close the mouth and do a massage on the throat Even the bravest swallowing Before giving the pill I prepare a syringe With tuna juice What is tuna juice. Some water was added to them some tuna. This syringe is important Because after giving the pill of medicine undermine the empty syringe mouth Containing tuna is not necessary tuna Possible any juice preferred by the cat Do this so that the pill does not stop the throat Or esophagus It can cause inflammation of the esophagus So I avoid it The syringe should be prepared with tuna juice Same grab Empty the syringe on the side of the mouth In case of any drink I’m not lifting the head up This drink is liquid Easy to get off the trachea So this or this should not be done But the head should be flat like that I close the mouth Wait until you swallow There are other ways. There are some cats refuse to take some syrup pill medicine There is a paste with a tube Put on the cat man The cat licks her This paste lubricates the disc in the esophagus and helps it fall off There are also special treats for taking pills These treats are soft and have a place in the middle to place the pill What a supreme only I put the pill in place If I have a problem taking the pill Can be hidden in a piece of meat or Or canned food or baby food The cat will not know if this is her favorite food or something bitter, but eventually she will eat it Drink the same grab Right hands hold the upper jaw And the hands of the north by the syringe like this On the side of the cat’s mouth I unload it The head should not be lifted up I have a possible trick I cover the syringe with whatever the cat prefers Tuna or semi-hard cheese The beginning of the syringe She wants to take something on the syringe So you insert it with her mouth easily Remains in the injection as well as fluids under the skin At the neck area I do scruffing I hold the skin tightly I insert the needle with my right hand Some cats are quiet Don’t move out of place and some cats move a little I cover it with a towel The towel holds the cat in place Subcutaneous injections are the same way I put it on the sternal area On her stomach . Be careful. something important Choose the lowest needle diameter So as not to cause pain to the animal So don’t resist with me I do it quickly I have something important that I can be oblivious to cutting nails . Nail trimming of things that Cause psychological problems If it was trimmed violently and squeezed The animal is exposed to intense fear The animal becomes violent towards strangers This violence I see in my own image Find the cat urinating and defecating outside the litter box The reason could be simple The wrong way to trim nails Nails when the cat means of force Of things that defend itself If they are treated sharply The animal can be exposed to intense fear or become violent Against anything around it When cutting nails the cat must be completely relaxed Or even be asleep If the cat is so scared I put it on her side and cover her face with a towel There is another way I put it on her belly and cover her entire body with a towel Except legs Third thing is lunch time During her lunch, I cut nails If you see the installation of nails you will find a red triangle Under the nail This red triangle is moving away from it completely You cut the top of the top triangle Nail top only I forgot to mention something important After emptying the drink by mouth Do not leave the head, but keep it Possible to do a massage on the throat If I leave it She took her head down and would take all the drink out of her mouth You ended the episode today Thank you very very much .I hope to be I told you with information

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