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I was impressed I believe you will be too a treatment method for almost every sickness, a method which everybody could learn and take care for their health by themselves. Its called Verbal Homeopathy or how to turn the water into a cure Now we are going to talk with the astrologist and homepath Silva Doncheva The spectactors have already seen you In a lot of TV shows more as a astrologist than a homeopath. For how long have you been studying homeopathy and when did you invent your method ? I started to study homeopathy about 13 years ago, but homeopathy is on my main occupation, for me its more like hobby and mission Why did you choose homeopathy ? I started because there is always someone sick around me. My immune system is weak too I have chronic bronchitis I was compelled to take a lot of antibiotics every year and the consequences were terrible I was forced to look for an alternative because the traditional medicine was incapable I and was getting even worse year after year You started on your own to look for cure in homeopathy without depending on the other homeopaths Homeopathy is a way of live. You should take homeopathic remedies constantly If you want to have healthy live mainly by taking homeopathy you need to take homeopathic remedies constantly, but at some point it gets annoying You are saying that for example if we have restored our health we still need to take homeopathy ? For me homeopathy its not treatment method its like food for my body. body I take about 300 homepathic complexes because we have other bodies not only the physical one but this is in the matter of astrology As specialist in astrogy I made a connection between the two things. Homeopathy is information I cant understand why we have to constantly take homeopathic remedies when homeopathy cures not only our physical body. Interruption for commercials As the spectators already heard you dicided to invent your own method in homeopathy ? It’s a method because its not that easy to be understood because the search for the right remedy for every illness could take years which desperates people. My method allows to take a lot of complexes simultaneously without any consequences from the unsuitable remedies My son had dermatitis and every doctor prescribed me drug which only had temporarily effect and I was forced to seek for a solution which took me year and a half. half what I did was to combine all medicines for dermatitis which were about 87 in 10 bottles French are still doing it ,I made them myself and I gave them to him for 1,2 days and he showed reaction. Subsequently I found that the reaction was provoked from the homeopathy remedy tarantula hispana The eczema from bloody wound turned to a simple bite looking wound after he took more than 20 times these 87 remedies and the right remedy appeared after year and a half of researching What made me an impression was that you have made this remedy with high delution which is strange. People know that the more concentrate the remedy is the more effective it is. I accept the theory that the things in homeopathy are psychosomatic. On the first place is the psyche Firstly she has an effect on the emotional and mental aspect of the men. Then the brain reorganises the function of the brain and that has an effect on the body on a physical plan. You have brought to us very interesting things that the spectators will see soon. They will see how and ordinary water can be turned into a cure. She will give prescriptions. She will tell us also how to make it and what to say. Silva will tell us how to make the verbal homeopathic remedies. You said that your method is related with the tradional homeopathy In Homeopathy there are many methods and academies and different dilutions. How did you invent Verbal Homeopathy which is something differently. I invented it through Masaru Emoto and astrology. I made a connection between them because ostensibly they have no connection but actually they are very related because everything in us is information. Here we can see doctor Masaru emoto on the screen, his experiments with the water, how the water changes depending on the information. So your method is based on this theory ? Yes, but firstly I was well grounded in homeopathy, then it turned out that in order to make a homeopathic remedy with large dilution you need 1-2 days if its done by human, which takes a lot of effort. There are machines too but they are very expensive. There are radionics machines that tell you what to say on the water, then you press a buton and the remedy is ready. On a technology point the machines does nothing and if the machines gets disassembled every engineer will prove that. There is no denying the fact that it works . Actually the you make the remedy only with your words. The machines are invented only because people cant believe that you can make something unsubstantial that cures your body. The button that you press is only used to inspire you with confidence The machines are actually very expensive We only rely on our voice. Now we will show the spectactors what you actually do to turn the water into a cure and under what circumstances. The water must be clean, the bottle too, for example if here was any other product we cant use it because its not clean. . Plastic water bottle is suitable, or any other vessel used for only for water. The bottle needs to have cap. It is advisable to use mineral, spring or distilled water if its an emergency you can use tap water if its drinkable You have brought phials, distilled and mineral water. We also need We also need 70% volume alcohol in order to preserve for a long period of time. Tradional homeopathy is made with 70% alcohol in order to preserve it. Now I will ask you to show us how the verbal homeopathy is made. As I see you use phials for greater convenience, you also use dropper to avoid contamination. You should also avoid touching your lips. Firstly we need to pour water into this phial. Now we will pour tap water When you pour water into the phial you do not pour it to the top, you should leave some space for the alcohol. The proportion is 1 to 5 or 6 water to alcohol. Now we have alcohol solution. Now we can make the remedy. When do you put the dropper ? The dropper is put when the remedy is ready. When you talk to the water your mouth has to be not far from the phial so the water can obtain the information. Now I will make a verbal homeopathic remedy when there is a minor accident. For example when you fall from a bike/stairs on the street, you can make Arnica Montana 200CH which is average dilution So in order to make a verbal homeopathic remedy we need to be familiar with the homeopathy, correct me if i am wrong ? People who are interested in homeopathy know for what is arnica used. There is information in the web as well as a lot of manuals. In the end of the show Silva will show us other recipes for different situations. We will tell the audience what to say to the water in different situations without being fimiliar with the homeopathy, or how to turn the water into a cure. Firstly everyone should get familiar with the homeopathy. Now you get the phial with water approach the bottle to your mouth and say Arnica Montana 200CH After that you close the bottle with the cap and shake the phial and now you have Arnica. You can start drinking it immediately after you make it and it has the same effect on you as the arnica that is sold in the drug stores. Can you explain how this is possible ? This is possible because of the information in the water. The water has memory. The tradional homeopathic remedies doesn’t have substance too. I can pour water from that phial to the other one without saying anything. I can pour from this phial into the other one and make Arnica again. I can make Arnica from one phial for a whole city I want you to make me believe that this works. If you dont believe me you can buy machine that costs 400$ to make you believe, but this is a matter of choice and the effect will be the same. I can guarantee that if you have a minor accident for example – falling, you just get up make arnica and no bruise will appear if you take it immeaditely after the accident. We will give recipes for the most occurring problems later. For biting and stinging when you are at the beach or up in the mountain the remedy is Ledum 200CH In the traditional homeopathy if we put 1 drop of bee poison into a 1 ton of water and double the amount of the water . We still have 1 drop of bee poison which can be pass on from one water molecule to another because of the water memory, but if we say here Apis(which is bee poison) we physically do not have bee poison. We physically do not have any substance but the information is passed on to the water which people have been doing it since ancient times. It has been used widely from many civilizations and its still used. Now people need to understand 3 things – everything is information, we are not physical bodies we are information, everyone needs to understand that you can talk to the water, and the water can receive the information you enunciated. . Then you have to bond the two things. If I say to the water oranges do I get water charged with Vitamic C. No you wont have but u will buy oranges after 2 hours, I have tried it. After one or two hours you start thinking only for that then you go and get it in a real look. Homeopathy has been invetented 250 years ago and everything is verified. . I truly advise you not to say something to the water that is not in the Materia Medica There is one interesting example with the poison of Cobra, can you explain it to me. This experiment clarified me how homeopathy works. This is the way homeopathy works, no one has ever proven how the homeopathy works, this is empirical research. Presumably when two similar waves with different phases interact they wind up. Diseases are information and you gradually recover Give us the example with the Cobra. The symptoms from of Cobra poisoning are very similar to those of infarction. Symptoms of heart attack This is actually a remedy for an emergency case – naya the name of the cobra – Naya 200C, 10M. Arnica is also used when there is infarction. Can you explain to the audience the use of the dilution ( M, C,D ) When you buy a homeopathic medicine.On the label there are figures which show the dilution of the medicine. You can make the same medicine by only saying to the water what is on the label of the homeopathic medicine with the dilution. Everyone should get first a little acquanted of homeopathy before trying. I use different dilutions For example if i say oranges or apples to the water, nothing will happen right ? All the things that you mentioned are poisons only which resemble symptoms of different diseases Now tell me about the dilution. Germans use dilutions of 1 to 10, French use 100. Everyone can make different verbal remedies, you wont harm yourself. if you decide to make french homeopathic remedy you just have to study their homeopathic system Tell me which is the lowest dilution ? For Example D3, D6 Arnica Montana D3 – 1 to 1 milion, which can be made verbal 200 C is universal it comes from C- centrum which means 100 , CM is very high dilution. The dilution of 200C is shown on the screen. Which dilution do we have to use in a emergency 200 C is the perfect dilusion for an emergency cases. High dilutions are used when we are in a stress situation when there is panic For example when there is an earthquake – Arnica CM. Low dilution can be used for minor accidents – for example falling. If thе incident is serious and hospitalization is needed, you should always take Arnica with you. How the homeopathy works with so high dilutions. I can charge this water for a few seconds. No one still knows how exactly the homeopathy works it is a mystery. There are more than 5-6 theories. Are there any external influences which can destroy the verbal homeopathic remedy which we made. Yes If its exposed to radiation, ringing telephones can harm it too. It is advisable to keep the homeopathic remedies away from the phones. Keep the remedies away from freezing, heating and etc. If the bottle is running out of water you don’t need to say the homeopathic remedy again but in condition that the bottle is kept clean. You need just to add 80-85% water and 15-20% alcohol solution. If i say it more than once do i make it more powerful No you just get a guarantee that it will work. What happens if we say something different to already prepared verbal homeopathic remedy. If the remedy is with dropper it cant be influenced. In order to influence it you have to remove the dropper, the cap and get closer to the bottle. I had a student who tried to talk to the water from distance but without result. Can a talk to the coffee which is mostly water ? No if there is even one different molecule from water, it wont work. In order to work perfectly it has to be clean. When you take the remedy the bottle should not have contact with the mouth. How to apply the method. In order to understand it, you need to read a little about homeopathy and how homeopathy works. When your doctor prescribes you a medicine you always follow the directions on your prescription label. To avoid mistakes you should know what you are taking. What do you take? These are my verbal remedies. I take them every day in the morning and evening. Tell me about some of them. For what are you using them ? I will take one randomly . There is one here for high blood pressure, another one for neuralgia, bronchitis, infections, for hay fever. I take all of them one after another. I will show how to take them. You shake it first, then drink a little without touching your lips Normally i take 2 to 3 drops if you take more its not a problem. This is Arnice which can be used as a vascular protector it can be taken every day especially for men above 45 years. What is inside the remedy for varicose veins Snake poisons – lachesis muta , vipera redi

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