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АЮРВЕДА · Панчакарма · Как быть здоровым? ᛫ Курс очистки в клинике на Бали

So, I wanted to tell you
about a day in the Ayurveda clinic
in OneWorld Ayurveda. -Hi! My name is Andrew.
-And mine is Masha. We are a couple travelling
together around the world. We ride and we bite,
using different means of transport to find the most beautiful routes
and the most delicious food. Look at this picture. We dress here in
this special clothing. It’s not necessary but
if you’ve got the chance, why not? Sarong, it’s the same colour
for both men and women. They also gave us
these white pants, and slippers to go
along with the sarong. Sometimes after
the procedures… turn the camera
to yourself now… sometimes after the procedures,
they wrap your head in this cloth. We pretty much immersed
ourselves into their culture. So, what does a day in
OneWorld Ayurveda have to offer. Can you hear that? It’s the gong that wakes us up
every day, there it is. That’s how we wake up
every morning, at 6 AM. Mashunya, the gong was rung! Good morning. It’s 6 AM
and we’re getting ready for a traditional yoga. Yes, this early,
but you get used to it. The lessons are
very interesting. They have individual approach, the trainer comes to you
to help and explain. It’s incredible. Now they’re serving breakfast
as it’s already 8:15 AM. The breakfasts here
are usually fruits and porridge with berries,
turmeric and various spices. Ok, what do we have today?
We have dragon fruit. By the way, dragon fruit is really
good with lime juice. And papaya as well. It’s really ripe! This is today’s porridge. It’s got fresh berries
such as strawberries, coconut sauce, raisins. It’s really good, guys! After breakfast, we get special
Ayurveda tablets that we have to take and then you have
your individual schedule. Guys, this is Ayurveda, and this is one of their procedures,
it’s incredibly relaxing. You are immersed
in a bath with herbs and pour water
with herbs onto you. Now while we’re waiting for Masha,
and finishing our panchakarma course in the OneWorld Ayurveda
clinic in Bali which is a bit higher than Ubud,
let’s see what the rooms look like. Right at the entrance
there is a small closet. And by the way I highly recommend unpacking
and hanging all your stuff because if you keep them
in your suitcase, mould will start forming and
they will become very damp. You always have drinking water,
with these copper glasses. The copper cups are very nice. You can keep your water here
in this copper tank. Here is the copper tank
with the faucet. This is pretty much what
the entire closet looks like. Let’s see the bathroom. The bathroom
is really interesting, the ceiling doesn’t have
walls underneath it, and the window is wide open
giving you the feeling of actually standing in the jungle
and taking a shower right here. Also bathroom has
a lot of interesting things which we should mention
if we’re talking about living by the Ayurveda rules. First of all, you literally
feel like cheese in oil because every day you
receive messages with oil after which you
come out all oily. After every message you get this natural scrub. It’s made up of various
spices, ground seeds. It’s like powder and you can
use it instead of soap so I don’t remember
the last time I used actual soap. Another very cool thing
and a habit all should adopt is cleaning your tongue
every morning. They recommend to
use this natural apparatus. This is a part
of the coconut tree which is very comfortable
for tongue cleaning. Actually, Andrew and I
have been doing this for a while using these silver things. They don’t get rusty and they’re very
comfortable for cleaning your tongue. This is all I’ve got. Hey, it’s me. This is the master bedroom
with a huge bed. One of the things guys
won’t notice, but girls will: there’s a wonderful
thing in the room, I’m underneath it now. This is what it looks like. This is a canopy
that hangs above the bed and when you just want to relax,
or during the night, you can close the canopy
and sleep in this lovely cacoon. And this is how you exit
and get into the room. This is what the bed
turns out like. During your leisure time,
you can colour in this Mandala. Mandala is a symbolic
portrayal of the universe. You can medicate with it;
just colour it in. When you want to inform people
about having a “silent day”, you just put this chain
on your neck, and all the staff and guests will know
that they shouldn’t talk to you today. The rooms are approximately
50–60 square meters. This is the largest room I’ve been to
in Ayurveda panchakarma clinics. This is the terrace, I love it. It looks out onto the jungle. Down there is the yoga hall
were we practice. You can’t see any other
houses from here. And there’s the pool. There is also a table
on the terrace where we can have
a secluded meal. They brought a couple
of different lunch options. You can choose which one to eat
or have all of them. Ayurveda suggests that the plate
should have numerous flavours. All flavours:
sweet, salty, spicy, sour, bitter. Everyting should be colourfull so that not only the stomach
is being fed, but the eye as well. Ayurveda cuisine is very interesting. It has a couple of main rules. First, all the products must be
as fresh and organic as possible. Second, food must be cooked, as in Ayurveda they believe that
raw salads, vegetables and fruits are really hard to digest because your digestive system
first has to heat up and cook it all and only then it will be
able to properly digest it. And the third one: the food has
to correspond to your dosha, so Kapha, Pita, or Vata. It’s supposed to balance out
and calm your dosha. For example, Andrew has
lettuce and cauliflower, whereas I don’t have it
as the doctors suggest that it’s best for me
not to have it. In the Ayurveda practice, the meal,
especially during the day, has to start
with something sweet, because the sweet taste
is the hardest one of all, but it’s the most benevolent one,
so you should start with it. Dessert upside down, as it’s quite
odd for us to start with the dessert. Here in the clinic they also
recommend we start from the desert. Here we have
pumpkin truffles. Basically these pumpkin
candies with a sauce made out of honey and lime. Very delicate, and without the sauce,
they aren’t that sweet. Pumpkin candy. You need to eat slowly,
don’t rush. And don’t ask for wine. You can have lunch and dinner
served in your room or you can come and join
the rest of the group. I got an extra piece. These are chips
from spicy cucumbers, or it’s also called
the Chinese bitter pumpkin, and it just looks like
a cucumber with spikes. Coriander and mint chutney, or rather chutney
out of coriander and mint. A toast to the delicious
Ayurveda food. We eat with our hands! At 13:45 you have your
consultation with the doctor. You have a consultation
every day. Every day the doctor asks you
about your previous day, how you’re feeling, how you react
on the Ayurveda medicine, and makes adjustments,
like fine-tuning. After the consultation at 13:45, I have
my second procedure today at 14:00. You have two major procedures
per day usually, but today I have three
if you count nasya. At 14:00 I have
an Abhyanga massage. Pada Abhyanga it’s a form
of massage using four hands. Pretty much every massage here is performed by two specialists
with the use of four hands. And all of this is accompanied
by mantras and singing, various mantra chanting, forming a deep
connection between the one performing the massage
and the one receiving. At 16:00 we can take
a walk in the rice fields, or, if you’re allowed – I’m not allowed
today after my nose drops – you can go to the regular pool
or the heated pool. They recommend it to people
at panchakarma treatment course. One of my favourite places
in the clinic OneWorld Ayurveda. Just imagine if you were given
an amazing oil massage, with singing mantras
and with fumigation, and after the massage you can
lie down on this terrace and spectate this miracle of nature: the rice terraces Tegalangang. This is what they look like
in the evening sun, they’re absolutely gorgeous. It’s definitely not
a tourist attraction. And right from our clinic
you can come down and take a walk in them. It’s quite dangerous walking here
as you can accidentally fall off. It’s better to visit the rice terraces
Tegallangang in the morning. First of all, you’ll be able
to capture the beautiful sunrise, it falls down on the terraces. Second, starting
from around 9 AM tourists come here and
also shyly walk the terraces, so if you want to capture this beauty
in this kind of pristine form, like now
when nobody’s here, please come here really early
in the morning around 6 AM. Just check when the sunrise is,
and come during that time because it is
absolutely breathtaking. Rice terraces are
quite a discovery for me, and one of the things
I really love here on Bali. We’re waiting for our dinner,
and we’re starving. Here the food
is obviously vegetarian, almost vegan with the
exception of the ghee butter as it is made
from regular butter. And it’s closer to lunch and dinner
that we’re absolutely starving. On the other hand, there are
so many excesses around and in us so you can dedicate a week
to such nutrition. The dinners here are sumptuous,
gorgeous, accompanied by candlelight, the flames are
here for us, the fire. They even serve us
the Ayurveda tea in wine glasses and we joke amongst ourselves
as if we’re having warm Сhardonnay or hot Rosé for dinner today. So all of this takes place in quite
a humorous atmosphere I would say. This feels more like
a vacation in a 5-star hotel and you don’t notice
the actual healing process even though it’s quite intense
and puts great pressure on you. It’s absolutely great. Well pretty much,
this is what our day consists of. On The Next Episode The sky is so gorgeous
yet the ground is so filthy. I’m not one to be squeamish. But I’m standing here
for a couple of minutes and… Look, I’m from Kherson. I can tell you all about
the river fish that we have. But the things
taking place here… We’re going to a local
Balinese festival “Ogo Ogo”. It feels so surreal! This is the most
southern part of Bali. The island gave us this sunset
as a present on our last day here. An incredible sunset which could
only happen here in Bali! Right?

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